The Copthill Eagle Has Landed

In March 2017 Lucy-Rose wrote a full scale production called "The Copthill Eagle Has Landed". The story of a young eagle who had lost his way in a storm and needed to find his way home, this production was a showstopper full of exciting music and acting that got all the audience laughing as they watched the twists and turns which was Copteagles' story.

With 200 people taking part, from children at Copthill School to adults in the community choir, this production included dancing, gymnastics, art, drama and music from choirs and instrumentalists. It was with all these elements combined, that this exciting story was told.

A Spotlight on Copthill

"A Spotlight on Copthill" was written by Lucy-Rose in 2015 and involved members of the community choir as well as pupils at Copthill School.

The story was told through the point of view of the spotlight and introduced show tunes from throughout history to the children as well as giving the adults some familiar melodies to sing. As well as the choirs, many different instrumental ensembles played solos and also  backed the choirs.

Lucy-Rose collaborated with the art department in order to make props and costumes and she also choreographed dances that enhanced the sparkling story of this little light.

The Lion King

Lucy-Rose first started working on children's productions in 2014 when she rewrote and added songs, script and African drumming to the much-loved story of "The Lion King".

With giant masks created by the schools art department, this show was vibrant and full of both new and old songs.


 In 2013 Lucy-Rose started arranging music upon request. Since then, she has undertaken more and more arranging, and in recent years has written and co-ordinated school productions involving over a hundred pupils and a community choir.Lucy-Rose continually brings a new twist to her writing and always tries to include every child no matter what their musical ability may be.


It is one of Lucy-Rose’s beliefs that all children are gifted musically and have the ability to perform – working on this philosophy Lucy-Rose encourages those who normally take a backseat, to have leading roles in productions, aiming to build up their self-confidence which will in turn help them in all aspects of life.


Having arranged and choreographed music involving party poppers in a church carol service, to a dance with umbrellas, Lucy-Rose continues to try and spread her enthusiasm and unique twist on music to those around her.