‘Musical Care Box’ is here to provide an outlet for performers and also to show the wider community some care and attention - especially those people who are currently isolated with little or no interaction with the outside world.


The concerts are created by a wide variety of musicians from across the country who send in recorded videos which are then edited into a full concert.


There is a new concert DVD created every month and sent out in a care box and which contains:

Concert DVD

Personalised Note

Tea & Biscuits

Our Care Boxes

Standard Care Box


Ideal for 1-4 people, the care box will arrive through the post in a bespoke box and contains all the essentials for the recipient(s) to enjoy a relaxing concert.                 

Care Home Care Box 


Larger care boxes are available which are designed for care homes anywhere from 10 people upwards. These care boxes include all of the items listed in the standard box as well as additional items such as hand sanitisers (subject to stock from generous donations). 

How to send a person or place to receive a care box:


To send a Musical Care Box visit our store to see all the options and to place an order

The cost of each box is just enough to cover the manufacturing, supplies, postage and packaging. 

Support Musical Care Boxes

We rely on generous donations and to create Musical Care Boxes. This includes all sorts of people from suppliers who donate products or baked goods, to musicians who send us videos for the concerts.

If you would like to support Musical Care Boxes, then please get in touch, or see below for more information.


We are always looking for musicians to help create ‘Musical Care Boxes’ - any genre/age/style!


If you are a musician, or group, who would like to take part, then follow the simple steps below.

  1. Video record yourself playing (landscape)

  2. Introduce the music you are playing 

  3. Send this recording to bowtellmusic@gmail.com

Don't hesitate to get in touch if you would like more information.


If you would like to donate to help us raise funds to manufacture the care boxes, then please click the 'Donate' button below. Many people and places are unable to spare the money for a care box, so all donations go into sending a care box to a person or place that would benefit from it.


Each box varies in price, depending on how many people they are sent to.

The minimum price to produce a standard box for 1 person is £5

The minimum price to produce a care home box for 10 person is £12

Contact us to find out more!

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