Strength, Community, Care

Through Music

Our Mission

Our mission is to utilise music in order to reach out to those who are often on the outskirts, or forgotten, by society.

We aim to have a powerful and positive impact on all those we work with by providing them with a form of creativity to enhance their day to day lives as well as to provide them tools to utilise music when we are not with them.


A major part of the work we do during all our projects and workshops is to give all those we work with an opportunity to discover and utilise the many benefits that music can have to both on their physical and mental health.

Our Values


We believe that music can aid individuals in finding strength both mentally and physically.

Mental states can be considerably boosted by all forms of music and we utilise this in order to show people we work with how they can use music to benefit them.


Community is at the heart of what we do, as we look to form bonds and connections between individuals who are working on a common creative project.


By using creativity we hope to reach out to communities and show them care and attention. 

We do this by providing high quality music and performances, but at the very centre of everything we focus on those who we are working with, catering all that we do to each specific demographic.