Lucy-Rose ran her first music course in Summer 2017 after having realised that there were no opportunities for children in the Lincolnshire area to be involved in a course with a focus on music and creativity. 


The aim of Lucy-Rose's music courses are to enable children to find their own creative niche and to encourage them to make their own music as well as trying out new musical genres. All children, whether they currently play an instrument, sing, or merely love to be surrounded by all things creative, are welcome to participate in these courses and will have the opportunity to perform a solo, in a group or band. 

See below for the galleries of music workshops that Lucy-Rose has run to date.

If you would like to receive updates on workshops that Lucy-Rose is running, then please contact her via the contact page.

Christmas in Narnia, 2017

Over two fun filled days, the children who attended this course created their own tale of Narnia. To do this, they wrote their own songs, created props & scenery, learnt & improvised a dance and also played their own instruments as well as percussion instruments all together.

At the end of the two days, families and friends were treated to a performance where all the children took part, had solos and showcased what they had been developing and working on.

To see some snapshots from 'Christmas in Narnia' click the image opposite.

Firework Fiesta, 2017

On this day long workshop all the children danced, did craft, music, composition and songwriting.  We looked at expressing creativity and musicality in different forms including playing music from a picture which had been drawn in groups. 

At the end of the day everyone took part in a performance to friends and family, showcasing what had been learnt throughout the day and ending with a song that had been written by the children throughout the day.

To see some snapshots from the 'Firework Fiesta', click the image opposite.

Summer Music Festival, 2017

Children took this opportunity to enhance their musical knowledge and understanding in a fun & relaxed setting. We combined art, drama, dance & music to put on a Summer Festival devised by the students in just 3 days!

Everyone was involved in making props, playing instruments and creating dances. They focused on their own musical understanding and learned group skills such as leadership and group cooperation. The children also got to play with technology and recording equipment to record their own voiceovers for the final festival.

To see some snapshots from the 'Summer Music Festival', click the image opposite.

Noah's Ark, 2018

The first workshop of 2018!

Noah's ark was the story we explored for these creative days of dance, drama, music and art.


Animals were created, doves flapped in the background and the focal point was our giant rainbow which all the children helped to create. We mixed art with music as we created our own rainmakers to play and the group dance was something that all everyone enjoyed!

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